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Emily approaches the body gently and firmly with varied techniques to collaborate with the body for ultimate muscle and fascia release. Highly recommend for chronic tension and acute injury or muscle relaxation.


Emily Knippelberg

All massage treatments with my clients are unique to their individual needs. My past clients have had success with specific treatments for injuries, sprains and strains and other conditions. My touch has been said to be intuitive and healing. As this is my passion, I give honest and constructive advice for those of us on our healing journey.

Through my studies at Mount Royal University's Massage Therapy 2200 hour program and continuing education certificates. It brings me joy to implement a variety of techniques into your treatment plan to aid your chronic pain, reduce muscle tension and increase relaxation.

Some of my hobbies are running, yoga and art. I also enjoy crocheting and crafts. The majority of my time is spent managing Mayfair Massage and being of service. 

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Deep Tissue

A great option for those suffering with chronic conditions associated with deep aches, sharp or shooting fascial pains. Find relief with a deeper touch combining firm compressions with General Swedish massage to ensure a safe release of trigger points and muscle tension or Kinetic therapy for gentle joint mobilizations to increase joint mobility. 


Give your body relief of muscle tension associated with life stresses and long hours seated. Enjoy a relaxing massage with long rhythmic strokes that soothe the fight or flight nervous system. A massage with general Swedish techniques to help relieve everyday strains or sprains.


Enjoy this modality throughout your relaxation, therapeutic or deep tissue massage. Cupping breaks down scar tissue, improves joint range of motion and aligns muscle fibers. Our therapists are certified with Dynamic Cupping from Seminars for Health and ensure safe application. 

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